Bachelor thesis

Writing a bachelor thesis – our experience

Writing a bachelor thesis is for us a daily bread. We have been writing for 5 years and at that time we have trusted over 500 satisfied customers from all over US. Writing by our editors, bachelor theses are very popular among students who are looking for comprehensive help in writing a bachelor thesis.

Who do we write bachelor’s papers for?

Our offer of writing bachelor’s thesis is addressed to people who do not have time to write their own bachelor’s thesis and for those who can not pass on the knowledge gained during their studies. We are also writing bachelor’s theses for students who are not familiar with the structure of writing bachelor’s theses and would like to know its exact construction and style. Writing a bachelor thesis is time-consuming and requires full knowledge of the knowledge on a given topic. Our editors possess substantive preparation from the majority of scientific fields.

Writing bachelor’s thesis – offer

We approach each client individually and the bachelor’s theses we write are unique and unique. In addition, we maintain regular contact with our clients via e-mail. We are available for almost a whole day. Each bachelor’s thesis is accompanied by an anti-plagiarism report and a guarantee on the possibility of applying amendments to the work. This guarantee covers 30 days from the moment the entire work is completed.

The bachelor’s theses we write are comprehensive and within them we offer:

  • drawing up a work plan;
  • writing the introduction and ending;
  • writing the theoretical part of the work;
  • research / project implementation;
  • writing the substantive part of the work;
  • preparation of a bibliography, a list of tables, diagrams, drawings, photographs, etc .;
  • preparation of a multimedia presentation;

We sign a contract for each work and transfer of copyrights with each of our clients. We pay taxes on every contract, thanks to which our service is completely legal.

The time of writing a bachelor thesis is from 7 to 14 days.

Our help in writing a bachelor thesis

We understand that writing a bachelor thesis is not a simple activity, which is why we offer our help in writing bachelor’s theses for all interested people. Each bachelor’s thesis should start with making an outline. The bachelor’s thesis outline includes: the subject of the thesis, the framework plan of work, the objectives of the work, the scope of work, problems and research hypotheses, methods of work implementation and literature that will be used. By choosing our help in writing a bachelor thesis, you can count on creating an outline for her work. The cost of completion of the Bachelor’s thesis is $ 400.

In the next step, after accepting the work outline, we proceed to collect the necessary literature. In this respect, we have our own collection of over 2.5 thousand books and scientific articles from various scientific fields. We are constantly trying to complement our library with the latest bibliographic items. It should be remembered that help in writing bachelor’s theses is not just writing the text itself. Choosing the right literature makes it much easier to write a bachelor thesis, and also allows you to achieve your goals.

The next step is writing the text. We try to ensure that the entire text is written by one editor so that there is no different style at work. That is why our help in writing a bachelor thesis differs in a way from the competition.

Bachelor’s thesis may have the following character: theoretical, empirical as well as theoretical-empirical. Depending on the type of the bachelor thesis, our further activities focus on the analysis of available literature, presentations of secondary research, and conducting own research.

Our help in writing a bachelor thesis is not limited to the activities described above, because the bachelor thesis should also have an introduction, ending and lists and possibly annexes. Therefore, we write an introduction to the bachelor thesis, which includes: the subject of the thesis, justification of the choice of the topic, the purpose and scope of the work, and a summary of the chapters. In the ending to the bachelor thesis we can find the subject of the thesis, the purpose of the work with justification, whether it was fulfilled, conclusions from the whole work, as well as presenting books or articles that were necessary when writing the thesis.

As you can see above, writing a bachelor thesis is a long-lasting process, requiring many hours of work. On average, our help in writing bachelor’s thesis is from 40-60 hours. This includes the time to draw up an outline, look for a bibliography, and write a text.